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Pros & Cons of Cabinet Refacing

What exactly is cabinet refacing? Cabinet refacing is essentially the process of replacing individual cabinet skin panels in your kitchen with similar looking cabinet facelift material. The kitchen cabinet drawers are an important part of the appearance of your entire kitchen and replacing them with new material can often take up quite a chunk of the entire remodeling budget. This is because cabinet refacing is an on-going process that takes several days to complete. Although this may seem like a large investment, there are many reasons that cabinet refacing could save you a lot of money.

One reason that cabinet refacing could save you money is because it is much cheaper than purchasing brand new cabinet frames and end panels. Even if you hire a Houston cabinet refacing expert to do the work for you, the cost of materials will still be less than purchasing new frames and drawer fronts from a hardware store. If you purchase new cabinets, you will have to pay the high price for labor as well as end panels and drawer slides. Although cabinet refacing experts do not actually install the material, they are skilled at putting it together in a timely manner. This reduces the amount of time that you will spend on the task, which will save you money.

Another reason cabinet refacing may save you money is because it is much easier to perform than replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. By installing the cabinet refacing material right over the top of your existing cabinets, you will be able to cut out the material costs of installation. If you replace cabinet doors and drawer fronts with the same wood that you have been using all along, then you are faced with the prospect of buying new material again. This is why cabinet refacing often costs less in the long run because you have already gotten the job done.

There are some types of cabinets that cannot be refaced, such as closets, bathroom drawers, and basins. However, these types of cabinet refacing projects are not impossible to do. If you want to remodel your entire kitchen without changing the doors and drawer fronts, then cabinet refacing may be your only option. There are Houston wood refinishing professionals who can be hired to make your old cabinets look brand new again. This will save you the expense of purchasing new materials and you will still have the attractive design elements that you have always wanted.

One of the pros of cabinet refacing kitchen cabinets is that you will end up with a very new look that will be attractive in appearance. You may not be able to change the actual color of your cabinet hardware, but you can change the style of the hinges or the knobs. This will give your current cabinetry a brand new appeal. However, there are cons to this as well.

One of the most important pros of cabinet refacing is that it can completely replace the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and drawer fronts that you currently have. With cabinet refacing, you can get rid of old hardware, replace doorstops, and change the style of the cabinet pulls and door pulls on your cupboards. These changes can make your cabinets look like they were custom made for you. There is another great advantage to cabinet refacing, which is that you do not have to hire the services of a cabinetmaker. With this method of cabinet refacing, you can do it yourself. You can use wood veneers, glue, and other finishing techniques to create a brand new look that you will love.